Lady Heat

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Gorgeous and elegant babe Alexa Tomas awakens in her big bed bare in the sheets. She begins to stir, and when we say stir we mean she starts stirring up the tight little furnace of lady heat located at the top of her thighs! Moving around on the sheets, this Spanish beauty slides her fingers inside herself, then gets on her knees and presents her bottom to us, inviting our participation in a doggie style daydream. But she hardly limits herself to that… Squatting on the mattress, she probes her pie deeper and deeper as we see it all in her new Full HD erotic video and nude pics. Those beautifully manicured fingers sure do a lot of digging inside her wetness, and they must taste delicious afterward!

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Leg Queens In Command

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Zafira and Alexa Tomas drive us crazy today. They know how much we want to immediately stroke as they play in sheer black pantyhose, but they left instructions on their model releases that all leg-loving minions must sit on their hands during their first viewing of their fetish XXX video, and only after we’ve watched it all the way through, may we relieve, on our second viewing, the throbbing tensions that the movie stirs up! And our gristle is going to be stiff indeed as we watch this pantyhose porn showcase, with the Spanish Alexa and the Hungarian Zafira wearing cut-out style tights and opening their thighs wide for pink display as they kiss each other’s calves, shoes, and clams, all while getting undressed in the process. Yes, goddesses, we’ll sit on our mitts because we respect you as leg queens, and we thank you for the privilege of leaking in our shorts as you lick your nylon soles and show us the dirty bottoms of your high heels as we ache to jump into the scene and serve you as loyal leg fetish minions. Only after we’ve watched your movie all the way through, will we then return to watch it again from the beginning and no doubt spurt out in mere seconds the accumulated creamy tribute you have stimulated in our awestruck nuts!

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First Timers

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Alexa Tomas and Joel were visiting from Spain and saw a great deal on an apartment, so they went to check it out. When JJ saw Alexa’s long legs and firm, fit, sexy body, he had to have a tape of her in his collection. He quickly made the offer to let them stay for free in exchange for a tape. Even though Alexa was outgoing in her dress, she was still a little shy and needed to think it over. JJ agreed to meet them in the park the next day to see what she decided. At the park, Alexa had on her stunning workout clothes, and we got some great looks at her body. After she got in with her workout routine, she was ready to get it in the bedroom. Amazingly, Alexa still had a ton of energy as her and Joel fucked like crazy until he covered her face in cum.

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